This newsletter is for anyone interested in Web3 / Crypto. Each month I post a thought piece on something which takes my interest.

What started as a curiosity, grew into a full borne obsession. Bitcoin? Ethereum? Blockchains? Each layer I uncovered led to more questions. Weekends were consumed with podcasts, Youtube videos and articles, before eventually merging with my professional life as an investor at Felix Capital.

As an engineer by trade, I love solving problems and understanding how things work, and there is no greater puzzle than the future of the internet & how that will shape our socio-economic-cultural fabric.

Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Abut the Author

😎 I’m an Investor at Felix Capital, a London based early-stage and growth fund specialising in the intersection between consumers and technology. We have over $500m under management and crypto/Web3 is a core part of our thesis. We have been fortunate to support the likes of Ledger, Sorare, Lightspark, Rally, Flooz and others, and actively looking for great crypto founders to invest in. For entrepreneurs looking for funding (or wanting to chat), you can reach me via email - - or via Twitter @Jpizzolat0

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Joseph Pizzolato
Investing in Web3 at Felix Capital - Sorare, Ledger, Lightspark, Flooz, Rally, Omni ++ Engineer at πŸ’–. β˜• addict