As an engineer by trade, I love solving problems and understanding how things work. This newsletter is an outlet for me to follow my curiosities both in a personal and professional context, as a tech investor at Felix Capital. At different stages of my life I was previously a professional cellist, young chess champion, competitive power lifter and structural engineer designing foundations for 40+ storey skyscrapers. The common thread uniting my experiences was an insatiable curiosity and desire to always move forward. Topics in this newsletter tend to mirror those disparate but united experiences and revolve around specific industries (VC, engineering, Web3, SaaS & Fintech) or elements humanaity (psychology, physiology, biohacking & more).

Remember, all Iā€™m offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Abut the Author

šŸ˜Ž Iā€™m an Investor at Felix Capital, a London based early-stage and growth fund specialising in the intersection between consumers and technology. We have over $1.2bn under management and been fortunate to support the likes of Farfetch, Peloton, Deliveroo, Travelperk, Ledger, Sorare and and many others. For entrepreneurs looking for funding (or wanting to chat), you can reach me via email - - or via Twitter @Jpizzolat0

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Joseph Pizzolato

Investing in Tech at Felix Capital - Farfetch, Peloton, Travelperk, Ledger, Juni, Forter, Recap ++ Engineer at ā™„ļø. ā˜• addict